What we do

Our Core Values & What Drives Us

We believe in getting our hands dirty and learning from doing…in our case designing, building, flying, crashing, building again and perfecting customized solutions for our stakeholder groups.

We are committed to providing the lowest cost options (i.e we don’t work for profit but more for knowledge and experience and the satisfaction that our work contributes towards the SDGs), that deliver the most effective results. We will fight proprietary lock ins where we see them, we will keep our data and results open for accessibility and transparency. We will always prioritise those on the margins facing the impacts of climate change and social inequality, but who are the least equipped to adapt and deal with this. We will train local champions who can carry forward our work, and in that make ourselves dispensable. For we believe that this is the only sustainable way.

Finally, we will remain curious and always have fun in what we do and how we do it.

Environmental Monitoring

From Air Quality Sampling to Water health; from litter detection to vegetation mapping, Skarl is engaged in environmental monitoring, using drones.

Humanitarian Outreach

Skarl is committed to designing and deploying solutions that target humanitarian needs across the globe.

Capacity Development

A holistic "one-stop-shop" solution that includes training, data curation, processing and co-design methodologies.