Capacity Development

While we think globally, at Skarl we act locally

While we think globally, at Skarl we act locally. Hence there is a strong push within our group to train communities at the ground level and build capacity to fight ‘lock-ins’ and dependencies on external actors.

Skarl provides a holistic “one-stop-shop” solution with regard to capacity development that includes training in building platforms (hardware, sensors), data curation and processing (software, visualisation) as well as co-design methodologies that bring together all key stakeholders (policy, citizen and NGOs). This closed loop, we believe, is the most sustainable way to achieve our targets and we provide this as a service to a range of stakeholders from local governments, academia, development agencies, NGOs, community organisations as well as private sector corporations. We are particularly (though not exclusively) an R&D outfit, that is designed to complement academic research groups in their data collection, curation and analysis needs.

Environmental Monitoring

From Air Quality Sampling to Water health; from litter detection to vegetation mapping, Skarl is engaged in environmental monitoring, using drones.

Humanitarian Outreach

Skarl is committed to designing and deploying solutions that target humanitarian needs across the globe.

Capacity Development

A holistic "one-stop-shop" solution that includes training, data curation, processing and co-design methodologies.